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Pauliina Pajala

Why did I apply and what did I get?

– Opportunity of a lifetime to leave “old circles” and expand my world view
– A chance to meet new musicians and visit new musical places
– To be able to learn new languages – musical languages also!
– To live abroad, but home visits are allowed
– Nordic co-working, connecting and cultural skills
– Great possibility to expand the future working field
– Learning about project working with different people and how to apply grants 🙂
– Finding and expanding my “own voice” through this journey and learning to be brave!
– It was real fun with culture and language misunderstandings, differences and similarities

Sven Midgren

NoFo has provided me with invaluable knowledge, contacts and experiences for my professional life, as a musician, performer and music teacher. It really expanded my artistic vision and courage, my pedagogical work and above all my confidence.

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Jo Einar Jansen

Nordic Folk Gypsy – That’s what you easily become while studying the Nordic Master in Folk Music. I fell in love with the countries, music, atmosphere and the people. After two years of studying Nordic Folk one should believe the wanderlust was satisfied for a while. That was not how I felt. I wanted to continue my journey with many more meetings and cooperations for a long time. Luckily a small one came into this world, who made me more or less sedentary and prevented me from becoming a wayfarer forever (read Knut Hamsun for more info about Wayfarers). Thanks for these studies. And for the record: my wayfarer is still living and growing.

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Sunniva Abelli

I feel like an ambassador for Nordic folk music, and I feel that I can see things a bit from above. And I have a huge network of people I can cooperate with. The term ’folk music’ has become to mean so much more for me, with so many variations and expressions. I feel so free!

Johanna Adele-Jüssi

The two years were filled with joy, love for music, getting to know myself, adventures, tears, arguments, learning about life, countless practice hours, amazing meetings, priceless talks – I can really say that I grew a lot during the time. Musically, emotiotionally and personally.
NoFo was and is an amazing, crazy thing to do. I recommend it highly.