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The possibility for applying to NoFo is only once in two years.
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Nordic Master in Folk Music (NoFo) is a joint study program
between four Nordic music academies:

Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden
Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg, Denmark
Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
Ole Bull Academy, Voss, Norway

The NoFo students will experience a unique artistic journey, studying at all of these high-level academies. They will get an insight into folk music traditions in four different countries and a great possibility to prepare for a Nordic career. Offering a lot of mobility, Nordic networking and intensive ensemble work, this is an opportunity that ordinary folk music master degree programs cannot match.

The program provides a great framework to develop and deepen one’s own artistic profile as a soloist though regular individual lessons with top-level teachers at each institute.

The NoFo students form a study group that works together for two academic years, spending three full semesters together studying at the participating academies. During the fourth semester, students study at their home institutions, as well as participating in an intensive course period at the Ole Bull Academy.

Ensemble playing has a strong emphasis during the studies. The ensemble, consisting of all the NoFo-students provides a possibility for every individual student to develop new music, ideas and expressions within the field of Nordic Folk Music. There is also room for solo projects and ensemble playing in different constellations within the NoFo-group as well as with the students at the different schools. You will perform with the other NoFo-students at different venues in all of the participating countries. A tour through all of the Nordic countries is organized as part of the final examination.



The Nordic Master in Folk Music (NoFo) is a joint study programme offered in collaboration between higher education music academies in four countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The programme leads to a Master degree according to each institution’s regulations and national legislation. This means that each institution has its own curriculum for their NoFo students.

The programme prepares the students for a career as international professionals, and contains a high level of mobility and interaction. It will add a broader Nordic dimension to the students’ previous folk music education, providing them with an innovative education that combines the best features of each institution. The students will gain extraordinary insights into the Nordic folk music traditions. The focus of the studies is on developing each student’s individual artistry.

The curriculum includes: Instrumental studies, Ensemble playing, Composition/arranging, Folk music analysis, Folk music seminar, Music management, Artistic research and Master Degree Project . In addition, optional courses can be chosen from each organization’s curriculum, including subjects such as secondary instrumental studies, dancing, instrument making and improvisation.

120 (in Finland 150)

2 academic years (in Finland 2,5)

Semester 1:

Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Semester 2:
Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg, Denmark
Semester 3:
Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
Semester 4:
An intensive period (4 to 6 weeks) at Ole Bull Academy, Voss. After that, students return to their home academies to finish their degrees.
Semester 5:
for Finnish students, at their home academy



The current student group, working together from autumn 2015 to spring 2017, consists of three musicians:

Anna Fält, Sweden

Joonas Ojajärvi, Finland
string instruments, vocals

Jenni Venäläinen, Finland
kantele, vocals


ILMOI is a trio with strong Fenno-Ugric roots coloured by Nordic traditions. Their music consists of long meditative archaic aesthetics while keeping the tight rhythmical interplay. The songs are both rugged and sensitive, rough and emotional, clear and airy, taking all these attributes to their extremes.
Stories and spells are sung in three voices and in various languages, Finnish and Swedish being used the most.
Having storytelling in the centre, the trios original compositions and arrangements combine the groovy bass lines and the vibrant melodies of Finnish kantele with the expressive and rich sounds of cittern.

Anna Fält – vocals
Jenni Venäläinen – kantele, vocals
Joonas Ojajärvi – cittern, wind instruments, vocals



Contact information for the NoFo-coordinators at each academy: 

The Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden
Olof Misgeld,
Tel. +46 70 3069480

Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg
Kristine Heebøll,
Tel. +45 20766576

Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
Pauliina Syrjälä,
Tel. +358 40 8609540

Ole Bull Academy, Voss, Norway
Håkon Asheim,
Tel. +47 41475573

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